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New Revelations about Thomas Neidermeier

Comment posted on Tuesday 25 October 2022

Very concerning and probably true.


It’s Disgusting!

I think it’s disgusting that this individual from Germany, (more affectionately known as The Toad), should make such a vile and indictive public comment, about a man (and woman) whom it’s never met.

On the basis of projection, The Toad is most definitely a n0nce himself, having called so many othet innocent men and women n0unces.

What is his definition of “supporting”?

As far as I know, all Marie does is watch my show and comment in the chat!

It’s disgusting, vile and criminal, that this belly crawling amphibian from Germany should harass Marie (and her boyfriend), for no other reason, than she talks positively about me.

But seriously!

This individual is seriously demented. It’s obsessive, relentless, compulsive, cruel and seriously mentally ill.

It once accused me of harassing him and his family, but was unable to offer proof to substantiate his allegations.

I personally think he’s satanist myself.

This is a depiction of The Toad

One thing is for sure! It’s a CUNT!

“They actively encouraged the Perp”

Brilliant !! The reason why Taylor was able to become the sadistic cyberbully he is that Sussex Police and victim Katy Bourne allowed it. The whole concept of a suspended sentence is to set clear boundaries and clear consequences. To give a second chance to a criminal that he normally doesn‘t deserve. Ignoring breaches sends a catastrophic message. It turns police into a laughing stock and the legal system into a joke. And it shows the criminal that he can do whatever he wants. The same people who never miss an opportunity to mention their fight against cyberbullying lost a lot of credibility. Not only did they fail to protect the victims. They actively encouraged the perp,,

“Taylor is clearly a pervert.”

Taylor is clearly a pervert. A sadistic bully who gets gratification from hurting people online. That alone would be sad enough. But it got even worse, turning things from tasteless to criminal when another pervert sicko appeared and teamed up with Taylor. Freddy aka Dan. A pathological liar, a spineless coward and described as a „porn addict“ by a person he was in a relationship with. Just like Matt Dan is a complete failure in any respect that counts. Just like Matt, Dan has delusions of grandeur. And just like Matt, he uses his online bs to get rid of the tons of frustrations that come your way when you are a severely disturbed weakling. Both take their frustrations out on innocent people, trying to rationalize their weak, spineless behaviour by pretending to be a „journalist“ (Matt) or to be „fighting bullying“ (Dan). This is so completely absurd that it results in even more cognitive dissonance and more frustration. If you want to see who the real bullies are, check out what the Freddy trolls did to each other while prentending to be friends. If you want to see some really evil lies, created with the intent to harm others, check out Matts content. As usual, Dan is lying in his video. By telling only half the truth. Yes, Matt is a toxic pervert. But Dan aka Freddy didn‘t mention that he and his entourage of psychos spent over a year to support Matt. He also rebranded his channel. That is such a desperate and laughable thing to do. But it might work on Dans audience. They are all deeply disturbed weaklings who hate the truth because that would include the truth about themselves. So they make another video. With another absurd lie. Trying to tell themselves and others that they are „straight talkers“ or „whistleblowers“ or the most cynical one from Dan „to prevent the humiliation of women“. Says the porn addict and woman hater who was the cause for tbe worst humiliation of a woman i ever witnessed. And he always gets applause for it. Paddy , Isadora, Granny Toxic. It will be interesting to see how this continues. The numpties are the architects of their own demise. That is another thing Dan and Matt have in common. When they fail (which in their case means always) they go into victim mode, very adept at finding excuses and explanations. And it‘s never their fault. These people are toxic. Good luck dealing with them.

A Big Up Plisko & Apple C

A big up to both of them from me, too. And to Danny Jones, too. I see Taylor had one of his hissy fits again. I am still updating, but i will not waste time on the twelve hour long drunken self-centered bs. See, these idiots who regularly lecture others how much better they understand what is going on now need to explain why Matt all of a sudden is a wrongen and why it took them a year to figure it out. And it‘s not only Matt. Everyone fell out with everyone. Black is suddenly white and vice versa. And that might change again. And while they told their idiot followers they were fighting trolls and bullies, they treated each other in ways so stupid, cruel and evil that we need a new name for psychos like that. Troll is too harmless. You got heat for calling a person by her real name. I did the same. Wow what evil monsters we must be. But they publish a recording of a crying women, and her failing relation, the porn addiction of her partner and the recording also shows how immature they are, emotionally and intellectually. And all these idiots still claim the higher moral ground, calling their opponents trolls, monsters and the p-word. But finding out who teams with whom at a given time is hard. They are driven by stupidity and hate. Not by common sense, values, empathy like you and me. And they love it. It‘s a prime example of karma that they hurt themselves way more than any „troll“ ever could. They deserve it. I wouldn‘t give a fuck about them if they hadn‘t hurt a lot of people that are more mature, intelligent and more valuable in every respect than themselves. And they will continue to do so. Dan aka Freddy is the best example. Still too much of a coward to say his name, he rebranded his channel with the flintstones.


. What is suddenly wrong with the fictitious serial killer and child rapist you picked as avatar? Now that everybody knows who this psycho is in real life? A coward with a porn addiction who is proud about his contacts to a group of hooligans. Freddy and his lies, hate and cowardice will stick with real life Dan for a long time. And instead of trying to find out why he is such a failure, he makes another video, desperately trying to hide his name and pretending to be a part of the solution and fighting the good fight. Everyone can see that he is a part of the problem. In his latest video he depicted convid as a rat. That may be right. But Dan is a rat too. He enabled Convid, Munker and the rest. And he deserves the backlash that resulted. But as the mouse correctly stated, he has too much hate and stupidity in his system to get it. The way to transport truth to a sociopath like Dan or Matt is to have another psycho explain it to them. So Paddy and Dan want to understand what it is that is going on on youtube with Matt, Dan, Convid and the other rats?You don‘t need 12 hour lives. Listen to Mr. Silva. Like Freddy Krueger he is a fictional character, but he has so much in common with Dan, Paddy, Harry and Matt. And he only needs two minutes to explain what is going on.

17:26hrs Mon 22 Aug 2022